Sunday, October 17, 2010

Welcome :)

Welcome to 'Stardoll- Get the look'
Im the owner, Dancaholic98 [Call me Rachel]. Im still on the lookout for workers, and will notify you all when they have arrived.

First of all, Ill tell you what the blog's about.

Stardoll- Get the look was created to give tutorials and ideas to medolls everwhere. Our aim is to have [and find] the most creative medolls on stardoll. We will be on the lookout for creative dolls, holding medoll competetions, and giving tutorials and tips on how to get your medoll to look like a celeb, a certain theme, etc.

Our first medoll idea was Halloween. Here are three different styles for Halloween;

Medoll number 1)
This is the 'pumpkin look' using things orange and balck, the traditional Halloween colours.

Medoll number 2)
Is the 'vamp-ish babe'. We used red and black, to make her look like a real vampire!

Medoll number 3) Last but not least is the 'ghostly white' look. We used all things white for this!

We hope you like these styles, and dont be afraid to make the look your own!

Tell us in comments which one is your favorite! And do you think the blog is a good idea ? Let us know!



  1. Hiya,
    I really like the Halloween themed medoll's.
    Here are my likes and dislikes on each one;

    1) I like how you stuck with the halloween color scheme but maybe you could've made the pumpkin part of it more literal... It doesn't really stand out and not all persons/people would know its based on a pumpkin.

    2)My absolute fave out of the three. The only problemo is that I'm not sure how to do it, and how to make it look nice on my medoll.

    3)Very pretty, but it doesn't suit everyone. For example: My doll is mixed race (like myself) and that (i believe) would look kinda odd on my doll.

    Lol (Lots Of Love)


  2. Hm....
    1) I know its not very pumpkin-y , but I didnt have a name for it, and I couldnt find much that was orange. tbqh. MAybe you could help us out with this one ?

    2)Glad you like this one! This is actually very simple. ALl you do is put on some Black VOLUMIZING mascara, white LENGHTNING mascara, black eyeliner with a bit of white in the corner, and some red in the middle. Then apply some balck and white eyes shadow, lots of red blusher, and then put some RED lipstick on, but put some BLACK in the middle. You can get all these products in DOT. Dye your hair black if you wish.

    3) I can see the problem.. Ill try do a ghostly look for mixed race to.

    If you have an problems with that tutorial 2) , just let me know in my GB [Dancaholic98]

    Please, recommened this blog to your friend!

  3. Thanks.

    A green witchy type thing would be could too...

    PS: I am absoulutly rubbish at doing the eyes. But I will try :)

    PSS: I'll try a Halloween thing =]


  4. PS (Again); I will recommend this blog && How did you do the fangs && I'm Starz.x Btw


  5. Screw That Comment ^
    Wasn't Me