Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Take care of your skin!

Okay; It is a blog called get the look.
It is about stardoll and stuff.
But You have a real life too , that's what We are going to do today.

Skin is one of the most important parts of your body, You must take care of it.
Here are few Do & Dont's and tips-

Don't's -
DON'T ever pop your spots - It can give you an infection or leave you with a scar.
DON'T ever touch your face with muddy/dirty hands.
DON'T go to bed with makeup on.


DO wash your face at least twice a day.
(But Wash your hand more often than that ;] )
If you have spots DO use those wipes or something else to help you get rid of 'em.

Also Few tips-

If your eyes are tired put a cold slice of cucumber on it :]

if you have bags under your eyes- put 2 teabags in your freezer for few mins and place them on your eyes.

Lemon juice works great for your hair! add few prips while rinsing it.

If you have spots you shall know this great trick- peel an avocado , squeeze in half a lemon and add some water , stir it for a while then lie down and put it on your face for around ten mins :]

If you cant brush your teeth- use sugar-free chewing gum- not everyday ofc xD

Okay that was a long post. xD
If you have any suggestions / comments please tell me.

Hope you enjoyed,

Hello :]

I'm the new writer. Domii.
But Before I introduce myself I would like to Thanks Rachel for giving me this amazing opportunity.

Okay Now a bit about myself:
I'm Domii.
MY username on stardoll is xxDemi84xx
I'm 11 and the Co-Owner ;]
So as I post you will find out more about me :]

Thank you,
Domii .x

First Comp!

Yes! You saw it! We're having our first comp!

Everyone has until Friday to create a super unique Hallowe'en look. You can save it on your medoll, album, scenery, where-ever!
Just let us know, and we'll check it out.

Also, we will have a new writer soming soon, so watch out!

Please join MY club [you wont be entered in the comp if you dont!]
[just visit Dancaholic98 to find it]

Be unique!
This is ROUND 1.

So GO!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hot Buy for 1SD?

Yes, you saw the title! The Hot Buy for 1sd is in folk, but saldy, it's only for SS. Get it quickly before they probably add a zero to it. Here's my me-doll workin' it!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Welcome back!
I've seen you've met the new writer [Lol.noobette] !

Well, Im back with our FIRST UNIQUE MEDOLL!
Her names Lollipopili
Here is her medoll, and 3 of the rooms in her suite;
I LOVE her mole art! It must of taken ageees.
Check her out, add her, and tell her SD-GTL sent you! ;)

So what do YOU think of her ?
Please let us know.
-Rachel [Dancaholic98]

Hot Buy Boots in Rio

Here are the new Hot Buy boots from Rio! They are only 6 SD, so get them before they go!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Hi, I'm helping Rachel with the blog.

My user is Lol.Noobette, and I'm called Rachel too. My job on this blog is to put updates on new Hot Buys, and who wore it best!
Lots of love
Welcome back to Stardoll-Get the look!

I'd just like to mention to all our followers, that we know have a club!
The club is called: Stardoll-GetTheLook
[You can find it by visiting me- Dancaholic98]

Here, we will update you all about the club.

Also, if you could me a favour, and PLEASE recommend this blog to your friends. I personally think this blog has great potential, and its a shame to see only 4 followers... Hm.

I will be posting more once we get the banne uploaded and more followers, so watch this space!

P.S If you have an questions on the previous Halloween makeovers, contact me in my GB [Again, Im Dancaholic98]
Or here, In comments.
Thanks guys!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Welcome :)

Welcome to 'Stardoll- Get the look'
Im the owner, Dancaholic98 [Call me Rachel]. Im still on the lookout for workers, and will notify you all when they have arrived.

First of all, Ill tell you what the blog's about.

Stardoll- Get the look was created to give tutorials and ideas to medolls everwhere. Our aim is to have [and find] the most creative medolls on stardoll. We will be on the lookout for creative dolls, holding medoll competetions, and giving tutorials and tips on how to get your medoll to look like a celeb, a certain theme, etc.

Our first medoll idea was Halloween. Here are three different styles for Halloween;

Medoll number 1)
This is the 'pumpkin look' using things orange and balck, the traditional Halloween colours.

Medoll number 2)
Is the 'vamp-ish babe'. We used red and black, to make her look like a real vampire!

Medoll number 3) Last but not least is the 'ghostly white' look. We used all things white for this!

We hope you like these styles, and dont be afraid to make the look your own!

Tell us in comments which one is your favorite! And do you think the blog is a good idea ? Let us know!